Running a small business just got easier.

  • One on one consulting

    I offer coaching services that will teach you how to manage your business on social media, advertising help, blogging, email marketing, and more.

  • Social media management

    Social media is such a vital part of digital marketing and is often used incorrectly. I will create accounts (if you don’t have one already) and help you create posts that target your ideal customers.  For a monthly fee, I will create posts for you or for a one-time fee I can teach you how to effectively use your social media platforms to market to your client base.

  • Email marketing

    Whether you believe email marketing works or not –  it costs almost nothing to send an email and if it is done correctly can be very effective. I will help you set up a campaign and build your list and even send out emails on your behalf if you order this service.

  • Blogging

    Blogging is a very effective bullet in the SEO gun.  If you do it correctly, you can also generate revenue from your site by having a blog that gets a lot of views.  I will help you create blog posts that help your business stand out. My pricing for this service is pretty competitive. I will do the research and writing for you.

Just had my first coaching session with Lynell and it was very informative! I have been operating my business for about 8 months now and in 30 minutes she was able to see where some problem areas are and set me on the right track to running a smoother day to day operation! Thank you, Lynell!!

Jeremy Durham

Thank you thank you thank you
I can’t thank you enough for your work on the grant application! I was awarded the grant!

Kelly Kiggins

I’ve known Lynell Ford for several years now and, I have to say, she is extremely trustworthy and capable. I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute to call her if I needed help. I believe anyone using this company will definitely be in good hands.

Rhonda Goldsmith

I had a session with Lynell this morning and found her expertise to be amazing. The knowledge Lynell passed onto me was extremely helpful and I can fully recommend to anyone to use Lynell’s services.

Kennith Riley

Every single day I am faced with so much negativity around me which tempts me to give up growing my business. Your daily facebook posts and videos are one of the main sources I visit every morning to remind myself never to give up. Thank you, Lynell.

Jason Choo